Meeting & Events

  • Date: 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • Time: 7 pm.
  • Beginning Genealogy Class: 6:15 pm – 1/2 hour class prior to the meeting. Check the Education page for details.
  • Location: Benton County PUD Auditorium, 2721 W 10th Ave, Kennewick (corner of US-395 (Ely St) and 10th Ave).
Sep 12
Learning to Use 12 Research Databases at the Family History Center
Heather Murphy, TCGS member
Oct 17
Are You Sure?  Surprises in Ethnic Diversity
Margie Beldin, TCGS Education Chair
Nov 14 at 6pm-- Annual Business Meeting, 6:00 pm at Isla Bonita Restaurant, 1524 Jadwin, Richland
Dec 12
Show & Tell
TCGS Members

Previous Programs

Jan 10
Finding Female Ancestors
Heather Murphy, TCGS Member 
Feb 14
Regional Native American History & Research
Richard Scheuerman, Archivist, Franklin County Historical Society
Mar 14
Adoption Records Research & Personal Adoption Journey
Jan Seeley and Erika Young
Apr 11
Tri-Cities Aviation History - Pasco Naval Air Station/Bombing Range
Malin Bergstrom
May 9
Researching WPA Records
Donna Potter Phillips
Jun 13
Hollywood and the Home Front - Tinsel Town's Contribution to World War II
John Jenson
July -- no meeting
Aug 8 at 5pm-- Annual Picnic, John Covey & Anne Nolan's house, 2163 Clearview Ave, Richland

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If you have suggestions for a speaker or a program please contact our Vice President, Art Kelly who arranges for our programs.