Local Research Collection

TCGS genealogy classes (fall 2007 and fall 2009) have used local families from the 1920s and 1930s as subjects for research.  Below is a list of the families investigated where we have collected and written up the research.  Typically both a written description and the collection of documents that back the description are available to share with you should one of these families be of interest to you.

  • Daniel Jairus Burch and Ida Matilda Boatman by Elaine Wasil.  Found in TCGS Bulletin, Vol 47 #3, Nov 2007.
  • Henry Burgess Carratt (1869-1941) and Louvina Hooker (1877-1926) by Janis Littlefield.
  • Fay Davis (1898-1972) and Thelma L Rogers(1898-1970) by unknown.
  • Arthur G Evett (1867-1944) and Nettie L Greer (1875-1978) by Steven Robyler.
  • Ernest Richard Griner (1885-1955) and Jennie Horton (1887-1973) by Joy Dixon.
  • Harry W Kobes (1898-1991) and Lois V Williams (1899-1974) by Renee Petersen.
  • Archie Smith Alexander McIntyre (1894-1982) and Audrey Karen Saunders (1899-1995) by Lisa Rickords.
  • Thomas J Orcutt (1867/1870-after 1920) and Louisa Turk (1872- ) by Anne Kinsey.
  • William B Paulson (1882-1951) and Edith A Nelson (1884-1975) by Bob DeLorenzo.
  • George Thompson (1873-1962) and Laura May Randall (1883-1957) by Janis Littlefield.
  • Albert H Zane (1875-1932) and Isabelle Charles (1878-1944)  by Jean Roblyer.

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