Webinars (online seminars) are another way to increase your genealogical knowledge without leaving home. TCGS has purchased several DVDs of webinars produced by Legacy FamilyTree, they are available for watching at the Richland Family History Center. They are://

  • Navigating the 1940 US Census by Thomas MacEntee. CD 940
  • Plan Your Way to Success by Marian Pierre-Louis. CD 941
  • Chasing Women: Finding Your Female Ancestors by Leland K. Meitzler. CD 942
  • Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners by Marian Pierre-Louis. CD 943
  • Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence by Judy Russell. CD 944
  • Building a Research Toolbox by Thomas MacEntee. CD 945
  • The Five Cs for Success in Genealogy Today by Barbara Renick. CD 946

In addition, there are many sites on the web where you can find free webinars. Here are just a few:

Need to know more about what a webinar is? Check out Listening to Genealogy & History Podcasts for several articles about what a webinar (AKA podcast) is. Check out the over 25 suggested podcasts.