Seminars & Conferences

Seminars and conferences are an excellent way to broaden your education. Below is a selection of Washington state and national seminars & conferences.


Looking for a specific type of class? Check the WSGS Blog for the current seminars or other all day events being held in Washington and nearby states.

  • 26 May — Clark County Genealogical Society’s seminar & the WSGS Annual in Vancouver featuring¬†David Allen Lambert from NeHGS.¬† See “2018 Annual Meeting” at the WSGS site.


  • 2-5 May, 2018, Grand Rapids, MI, 2018 NGS Conference.
  • 22 -25 Aug, 2018, Fort Wayne, IN, 2018 FGS Conference.¬† See FGS website.
  • FGS 2019, Washington, DC.
  • FGS 2020, Kansas City, MO.